SRRV双认证、SRRV保证金都办完后,需要填写“主要退休人员申请表”(application form for principal retiree),还有家属application form for dependent retiree表。



1.the following classes of aliens, shall be excluded from entry into the Philippines, and are not eligible to acquire a special resident retiree’s Visa(SRRV)

a. insane persons, persons afflicted with a contagious disease, persons with manifestation of any anxiety depressive, psychotic, personality and psychological disorders identified and observed during the conduct of medical examination as certified by the person’s attending physician

b. pauper, vagrant, and beggars, persons who are likely to become a public charge, stowaways, persons who have been excluded or deported from the Philippines, including those deported as indigent aliens or persons not properly documented for admission

c. persons who have been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude, prostitutes or procures, persons comming for any immoral purposes;

d. Persons who believe in, advocate the overthrow by force and violence of the Government of the Philippines, or of constituted lawful authority, or who disbelieve in, or are opposed to an organized government, and persons who use force and violence in pursuit of their advocacies;
主张菲律宾政府以武力和暴力推翻,或具有合法权威的人,不信奉或反对有组织的政府人员,以及使用武力和暴力追求主张的人 ;

e. Persons over fifteen(15) years of age, physically capable of reading who cannot read printed matter in ordinary use in any language selected by the alien, persons who are members of a family accompanying an excluded alien; or
十五(15)岁以上的人,具有阅读能力的人,不能阅读由外国人选择的任何语言以普通语言使用的普通印刷品,该人是被排斥的外国人的家庭成员; 要么

f. Persons coming to perform unskilled manual labor in pursuit of a promise of offer of employment.

2.obedience to philippine laws, rules and regulations. I hereby affim that i would abide by philippine laws,rules and regulations,and respect philippine customs and traditions
遵守菲律宾的法律,法规和规章。 我在此声明,我将遵守菲律宾的法律,法规和条例,并尊重菲律宾的习俗和传统。

3.engagement in gainful employment. I hereby agree to secure from the department of labor and Employment(DOLE) the required Alien Employment Permit(AEP) before engaging in gainful employment in the Philippines, and abide by the existing labor laws of the country governing alien employment[1]
从事有酬工作。 我特此同意在菲律宾从事有酬就业之前,从劳动和就业部(DOLE)获得所需的外国人就业许可证(AEP),并遵守该国现行的管理外国人就业的劳动法。

4.presumption of death. I understand that, for SRRV purposes, the Philippine Retirement Authority(PRA) may declare the presumptive death of SRRV Holders, 90 years of age and above, who have not been heard of or whose existence have not been known for four(4) years despite diligent efforts to locate said SRRV holders., such as, but not limited to, communications to last known address and publication of such absence in a newspaper of general circulation in the Philippines.in such case, I allow PRA to deduct from my visa deposit the cancellation fee, visitorial fee, harmonization fee, annual membership fee, and the actual costs of publication and other fees and charges necessary and essential for the maintenance of the SRRV, as the case may be,and my SRRV shall be canceled accordingly[2].
死亡的推定。 我了解,出于SRRV的目的,菲律宾退休管理局(PRA)可以宣布90岁及以上的SRRV持有人的推定死亡,这些人从未听说过或已有四(4)年不知道,尽管我们努力地寻找上述SRRV持有人,例如,但不限于与最后一个已知住址的通讯以及菲律宾普通报纸上对此缺席地址的公布。在这种情况下,我允许PRA从我的签证中扣除 缴存取消费,游客费,统一费,年度会费,实际出版费用以及维护SRRV必要和必要的其他费用,视情况而定,我的SRRV也应相应取消。

5.Special or extraordinary expenses. I understand that unexpected events may occur any time during my stay in the country as SRRV Holder, and expenses may be incurred in relation thereto, such as, but not limited to, medical expenses and hospitalization. In such case, I hereby allow PRA to deduct from my visa deposit such amount, as may be necessary, to cover such extraordinary expenses, when my financial means cannot cover for the payment of the same.
特别或非常费用。 我了解在我作为SRRV持有人在该国逗留期间的任何时候都可能会发生意外事件,并且可能会因此产生相关费用,例如但不限于医疗费用和住院费用。 在这种情况下,我特此允许PRA从我的签证保证金中扣除必要的金额,以支付此类特别费用,而我的财务状况无法支付这些费用。

6.confidential Disclosure of Information. Pursuant to this application, and in line with the provisions of Data Privacy Act of 2012, I hereby give my consent to PRA to share my contact details and other information to a third-party consultant or agency duly authorized by PRA to conduct PRA-initiated surveys, such as, but not limited to, Customer Satisfaction survey/Stakeholder’s Survey, and Retiree’s Expenditure Survey. I understand that PRA shall take all necessary measures and steps to protect and secure such information from unauthorized or unlawful use.
机密信息披露。 根据此申请,并根据2012年《数据隐私法》的规定,本人在此同意PRA,以将我的联系方式和其他信息分享给PRA正式授权进行PRA发起的第三方顾问或代理商 调查,例如但不限于客户满意度调查/利益相关者调查和退休人员支出调查。 我了解PRA将采取所有必要的措施和步骤来保护和保护此类信息免遭未经授权或非法使用。

  • [1]Gainful employment refers to a state or condition that creates an employee-employer relationship between the Philippine-based employer and the foreign national. if there is no employee-employer relationship.there is no need for SRRV Holders to apply for an AEP(Department Order No. 184, Series of 2017, otherwise known as Revised Rule for the Issuance of Employment Permits to Foreign Nationals) 有酬工作是指在菲律宾雇主与外国国民之间建立雇员与雇主关系的状态或条件。 如果没有劳资关系,则SRRV持有人无需申请AEP(2017年第184号部门令,也称为《向外国人颁发就业许可证的修订规则》

  • [2]The remaining balance of the visa deposit of the concerned retiree-member declared presumed dead, for SRRV purposes, shall be kept intact until his/her lawful heir/s claims the same. if the concerned retiree-member presumed dead should reappear, he/she can claim the remaining balance of his/her visa deposit, without prejudice to the right of such retiree-member to apply for a new SRRV.


  • SRRV不能直接有酬劳工作,这点要明确。第三条明确说明了,如何持有SRRV合法工作,需要去劳动和就业部(DOLE)获得所需的外国人就业许可证(AEP)。顺便提一下,除了这个AEP之外,还有个一个法律,是管理外国人就业的劳动法,需要自己查阅。再明确下,不能有酬劳工作,在DOLE获得AEP,还要了解劳动法,管理外国人就业的劳动法。
  • SRRV对有酬工作进行的定义,请见[1]。总结就是菲律宾公司雇用你,产生劳资关系,没有AEP是不合法的。如果没有劳资关系,则SRRV持有人无需申请AEP,例如假设做Vlog的广告费等等。有人感兴趣,可以查一查这个《向外国人颁发就业许可证的修订规则》。总的来说,因为文化历史因素,菲律宾公民就业上得到一定的法律保护,为了后面长期发展。
  • 假定死亡,这条有个补充条款。我理解的不够准确,而且翻译的也很糟糕,后续有人补充或者再更新。

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