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Regional Headquarters

Regional Headquarters (RHQ)/Regional Operating Headquarters (ROHQ) are businesses owned and operated by a company established and existing under laws outside the Philippines.

Regional Headquarters (RHQ)/Regional Operating Headquarters (ROHQ) are businesses owned and operated by a company established and existing under laws outside the Philippines. An RHQ and ROHQ can register and receive license to operate in the Philippines, but the parent company must have branches, affiliates, customers and subsidiaries in the Asia Pacific Region.

An RHQ undertakes activities that are limited to acting as coordinating center for its subsidiaries, affiliates and branches in the Asia-Pacific region. It operates as the administrative branch of a foreign company engaged in trade in the said region. It does not manage the Philippine subsidiary branches and cannot derive income from sources within the Philippines.

An ROHQ performs the general administration business planning, and coordination for the company’s Asia Pacific Region. It may source raw materials or market products, train employees and conduct research and development. It may also derive its income from Philippine operations; however, only from affiliates of the parent company.

  • Board Resolution authorizing the creation and establishment of the RHQ/ROHQ in the Philippines;
  • Audited financial statements of the parent company;
  • Authenticated copy of the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws (or equivalent);
  • Certification that the foreign company is an entity engaged in international trade with affiliates, subsidiaries or branch offices in the Asia Pacific and other foreign markets; and
  • Certification of inward remittance for minimum paid-up capital:
    • 50,000 USD annually for RHQ, and
    • 200,000 USD one time remittance for ROHQ.


  • Secure endorsement from BOI;
  • Secure reserved from SEC;
  • Present accomplished documents for pre-processing to SEC;
  • Present bank proof of inward remittance;
  • Present BOI endorsement;
  • Pay filing fees to cashier;
  • Claim Certificate of Registration from records division;
  • Register with government offices (if employing individuals); and
  • Secure business and Mayor’s permits from city of operations.

BGC and Co. CPAs services include:

  • Registering the company with the BOI and SEC
  • Sourcing out suitable office locations through our partner, Keystone Property
  • Fitting out of the office
  • Drafting the company manual, HR policies, and labor contracts
  • Recruitment and executive search services
  • Accounting, bookkeeping, and financial reporting
  • Outsourcing payroll services
  • Providing on-going compliance and filing of reports

RHQs and ROHQs are usually established by multi-national companies interested in separating their operations within the Philippines for tax and legal purposes. ROHQs, for example, can receive special benefits from the Philippines. Companies wishing to setup an extension of their parent company may also consider establishing a branch office in the Philippines or a creating a representative office, if no income will be generated. BGC and Co. CPAs can help your company select, establish, and register an organization here in the Philippines – for whichever business setup you will need.

BGC and Co. CPAs is a mid-sized progressive auditing firm providing comprehensive set of cost effective solutions to organizations like yours.

Our services include auditing, accounting, bookkeeping, business management, and HR consulting. Further, we provide other business services like VISA processing in Bureau of Immigration (BI), Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA).

We are equipped with state of art tools and techniques along with dedicated professional to evaluate potential opportunities and risks effective auditing and assurance services. We understand a value adding auditing and assurance service focus on scope of business improvement rather than merely preparing financial statements and reporting on figures.

The firm was formed to assist clients on the preparation of compliances relating to tax, financial management, forecasting and accounting software and system installation. Assist clients in tax investigations, internal auditing procedures and provide on financial, taxation, accounting and auditing matters when needed. Processing of business registration, cancellation / termination.

Our Mission

Deliver reliable cost effective professional services in time meeting specific customer requirements.

Our Vision

To become one of the best auditing and accounting firm in the Philippines providing the utmost satisfaction to all the clients. We would like to be known as one of the finest company to partnered with in all the aspects.

Our Team

Our teams of dedicated professionals led by senior qualified accountants are obliged to give you quality services which will enable you to serve your clients better and there by improve your business. We together with our associates enable to give you the best in the industry.


Auditing and Assurance

We are equipped with state of art tools and techniques along with dedicated professional to evaluate potential opportunities and risks delivering effective auditing & assurance services. We understand value adding auditing and assurance service focus on scope of business improvement rather than merely preparing financial statements and reporting on figures.

Our expertise in analyzing accounting systems, designing better systems with proper internal controls and management information reporting help our clients to adequately plan their business building strategy and give them the confidence to pace up with the rapidly growing economy.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting and bookkeeping is a necessity of every organization irrespective of its size. Our professionally qualified and experienced accountants understand and analyze business transactions and ensure compliance with the accounting standards. BGC has well trained staff familiar with many of the accounting system and most especially to the rapid changes in the BIR rules and regulations. Qualitative and timely accounting reports are crucial for the success of any business organization. BGC ensures relevant and reliable financial reports are delivered on regular intervals to assess performance and to facilitate decision making. Outsourcing of accounts department helps you to get professional expertise at lower cost and BGC provides the most efficient and effective bookkeeping solutions.

We assist you with below services:

• Accounts preparation and supervision
• Preparation and presentation of financial reports
• Bookkeeping services
• Payroll processing
• Training of accounting staff

Business Set-up and Termination

We do assist in setting up different types of business organizations through registrations to different government agencies such as:

• Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC);
• Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR);
• Local Government Unit (LGU);
• Department of Trade and Industry (DTI);
• Social Security System (SSS);
• Philippine Health Insurance (Philhealth);
• Pag ibig;
• Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

We also assist our foreigner clients for the following:

• VISA extension;
• Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR);
• 9g VISA;
• Special Resident Retiree’s VISA (SRRV)
• Social Security System (SSS);
• Passport Renewal

We process:

Air tickets, hotels, travel /Government File processing

1. 9G Working Visa(1-3Years)

2. 13A / MCL21 TRV Spousal Visa- married to a Filipino citizen

4. Tourist Visa Extension  

5. Alien Employment Permit (AEP) / Special Working Permit (SWP)

6. Inclusion of dependent Spouse and unmarried child

7. Emigration Clearance Certificate (ECC)

8. Cancellation /Apply of Alien Employment Permit replacement (loss AEP)

9. Cancellation of CEZA Working Visa (CWV)

10. Cancellation of 9G Working Visa (9G)

11.Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV)  SIRV ASRV 

12. Quota Visa SEC13

13. Overstay MR

14. Lifting of Blacklist(BL) and Hold Departure Order (HDO)

15. Order To Leave (OTL)

other Immigration related concern:

Alien Registration

Annual Report (A.R)

ACR I-CARD Issuance

Voluntary Application for ACR I-CARD

Renewal ACR I-CARD

Re-Issuance of ACR I-CARD


Cancellation of ACR I-CARD

Philippine-Born Registration

Certification for Not the Same Person

ACR I-CARD Certification

BI Clearance Certification

Pending Visa Application Certification

Certified True Copy Certification

Travel Records Certification

Certificate of Non-Registration / Registration

Application for Retention / Re-acquisition of Phil. Citizenship

Inclusion of Dependents under R.A. 9225

Recognition as Filipino Citizen

Affirmation of Recognition as Filipino Citizen

Cancellation of Alien Certificate of Registry (ACR)

Special Study Permit

Provisional Work Permit

Special Work Permit – Commercial

Special Work Permit – Artists & Athletes

Joining Filipino Seaman

Signing Off Filipino Seaman

Joining Foreign Seaman

Repatriating Foreign Seaman

Filipino Supernumerary

Foreign Supernumerary

Penalty on Late Filing / Non-Filing of Foreign Seafarer’s Notice of Arrival (Joining Crew)

Administrative Fine Imposed on a Foreign Crew Member if Not Properly Documented

Penalty for Late Filing / Non-Filing of Notice of Departure

Waiver for Exclusion Ground

Downgrading of Visa

Transfer of Admission Status

Amendment / Correction of Admission

Re-Stamping of Visa RA 7919

Re-Stamping of Visa

Failed to Stamp – Encoded

Failed to Stamp – Not Encoded

Interim Extension (Grace Period)

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